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M.E. Atkinson    Leonard Gribble    Lorna Hill    Fred Hoyle    Joan Lamburn   
Agnes M. Miall    Margaret Pinder    Doris Pocock    Gwynedd Rae    David Severn    Madge S. Smith    Joyce Stranger   
Geoffrey Trease    Henry Treece    Kathleen Wallace    Robert Westall

ALL HARDBACKS UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED.  Paperbacks have the usual reading creases etc.


M.E. Atkinson - August Adventure.  Illus Harold Jones.  1948 Jonathan Cape 7th imp.  Sl rubbed, sl grubby ow G++/G (title on sp written in, 1cm missing from base of sp, chipped, rubbed, corners clipped from flaps, browned, sl grubby) £38.


Leonard Gribble - The Secret of the Red Mill.  ND Spring Books Fanfare Series 1st ed?  Corner missing from ffep, sp faded, bumped ow G+ £5.


Lorna Hill - Dancers Luck.  Illus Esme Verity.  1958 Nelson rpt.  FFep sl marked, date stamped ow G/G (chipped, 1cm missing from top of sp, sl water stained, p/c) £15.


Lorna Hill - Rosanna Joins the Wells.  Illus Eve Guthrie.  1957 Evans rpt.  Bk plate on ffep VG/G (3cm missing from top of sp, 2 corners missing, creased, sticker pull) £18.


Lorna Hill - Rosanna Joins the Wells.  Illus Eve Guthrie.  1957 Evans rpt. Ex lib.  Feps replaced, signs of stuck down dw being removed, sp pulls top & base, corners bumped ow P++ £4


Lorna Hill - Veronica at the Wells.   Illus Eve Guthrie.  1953 Evans rpt.  Bds water stained ow G++/G+ (1cm splits to top & base of sp, sl chipped) £18.


Lorna Hill- No Castanets at the Wells.  Illus Eve Guthrie.  1953 Evans 1st ed.  10 x 3cm hole in f bd, insc to ffep ow P+ £4.


Lorna Hill - Masquerade at the Wells.  Illus Eve Guthrie.  1952 Evans 1st ed.  Insc, bds faded ow G+ £10.


Lorna Hill

- A Dream of Sadlers Wells.  Illus Eve Guthrie. 1957 Evans rpt.  Insc on fep VG/VG (sl chipped, p/c) £22.


Lorna Hill - Jane Leaves the Wells.   Illus Eve Guthrie.  1953 Evans 1st ed.  Insc on feps, bds written on, sp faded ow G £6.


Lorna Hill - The Vicarage Children in Skye.  Illlus Elizabeth Grant.  1966 Evans 1st ed.  VG++/VG (sl grubby, but complete) £36.


Lorna Hill - No Medals For Guy.  Illus Gilbert Dunlop.  1962 Nelson 1st ed.  Scribbled out insc on fep, pen mark on 1st title ow G+/P++ (chipped, parts to top & base missing, creased, old price in pen) £12.


Lorna Hill - No Medals For Guy.  Illus Gilbert Dunlop.  1962 Childrens Book Club ed.  Insc on ffep, foxed edges ow VG/G++ (sl creased, sl chipped, sl rubbed) £10.


Lorna Hill - Border Peel.  Illus A. H. Watson.  1959 Nelson rpt.  F++/VG (sticker mark to fr, sl chipped, sl rubbed  Dw wrong size?) £22.


Lorna Hill - Border Peel.  Illus A. H. Watson.  1956 Nelson rpt.  2cm hole at edge of sp ow G £8.


Lorna Hill - Marjorie & Co.  Illus A. H. Watson.  1956 Nelson New ed.  Dw once stuck down with corresponding marks, sl grubby G+/G (backed dw, old sellotape marks? around top & base) £16.


Lorna Hill - Stolen Holiday.  Illus A. H. Watson.  1956 Nelson rpt.  VG/G (2x1cm splits to base of sp, sl chipped, p/c) £20.


Fred Hoyle - The Black Cloud.  1961 Heinemann rpt.  V faintly stamped on feps, sp darkened ow VG £8.

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Joan Lamburn - The Monkey Trick.  Illus M. Brake Baldwin.  1951 Frederick Muller Ltd 1st ed.  Sl foxed, bds browning through gaps in dw ow G+/P (foxed, 3cm x 3cm missing from f top corner, chipped, cl tears) £35.


Agnes M. Miall - Snowed Up With A Secret.  Illus Alfred Sindall.  1948 Brockhampton, Champion Brock Books 1st ed.  Sl grubby, sl worn, sp sl faded ow G++ £15.

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K.M. Peyton - Pennington’s Heir.    Illus by the author.  1973 Oxford University Press 1st ed.  Paint on top of r bd ow G++/G++ (in stuck down protective cover, sl creased) £12.


K.M. Peyton - Pennington’s Seventeenth Summer.  1979 New Oxford Library ed.  Ex-lib G++ £10.


Margaret Pinder - The Seeking.  1989 Julia MacRae 1st ed.  V sl worn ow VG++/F++  £10.


Doris Pocock - Lorna on the Land.  1946 Ward Lock 1st ed.  Insc, sl water damage, bumped, sl grubby, sl worn ow G+.  Back of dw loose inside.  £12.

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Gwynedd Rae - Mary Plain Goes to America.  Illus Irene Williamson.  1964 Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd 2nd imp.  Ex lib, stamped, old price in pen on ffep, sl worn, sl grubby ow G++/G++ (chipped to top & base of sp, p/c) £100.

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David Severn - Forest Holiday.  Illus J. Kiddell-Monroe.  1946 Bodley Head 1st ed.  Page edges foxed, bds grubby & sl faded, bumped, ow G £4.


Madge S. Smith - Peggy Speeds the Plough.  Illus Edith Brier.  1941 Oxford University Press 1st ed.  Foxed, bds browning, sl grubby ow G+ £30.


Joyce Stranger - Josse.  1983 Michael Joseph 1st ed.  Ex-lib, lib bound, pen on eps, bumped, grubby ow G+/G+ (creased, chipped) £6.


Joyce Stranger - Never Count Apples.  1974 Harvill 1st ed.  Ex-lib, ffep missing, paper pulls on eps where dw has been stuck down, bumped, grubby ow G/P++ (creased, chipped, cl tears, p/c, part of r flap missing, water stained) £3.


Joyce Stranger - The Honeywell Badger.  1971 Dent 1st ed.  Ex-lib, lib bound, stained, grubby ow G £5.


Joyce Stranger - The Running Foxes.  Illus David Rook.  1965 Hammond, Hammond & Co 1st ed.  Ffep missing, pg edges foxed ow VG/G++ (chipped, a few cl tears, sl creased, sl grubby, p/c) £5.


Joyce Stranger - Paddy Joe.  1971 Collins 1st ed.  Insc, bds sl water stained, pg edges foxed, sl grubby ow G+/G (col from bds has stained mainly inside, water stained, sl grubby, chipped, 2cm cl tear to base sp) £4.


Joyce Stranger - Kym.  1976 Michael Joseph 1st ed.  Ex-lib, stamps faded (bleached), pg edges grubby ow G++/G++ (sp faded, lib sticker on sp – attached with sellotape) £3.


Joyce Stranger - Two’s Company.  1977 Michael Joseph 1st ed.  Ex-lib, ffep missing, grubby, bumped ow G+/VG £3.


Joyce Stranger - Double or Quit.  1987 Michael Joseph 1st ed.  Ex-lib, pen on prelim, ffep missing, water stained, sp pulled top & base, bumped ow G/G++ (creased) £6.


Joyce Stranger - Paddy Joe at Deep Hollow Farm.  1975 Collins 1st ed.  Ex-lib, sl grubby ow VG/VG+ £6.


Joyce Stranger - Paddy Joe and Tomkin’s Folly.  1979 Pelham 1st ed.  Ex-lib, sl grubby ow VG/VG+ £6.


Joyce Stranger - Trouble for Paddy Joe.  1973 Collins 1st ed.  Ink stain to top of pg edges, bumped, ow G++/G++ (p/c, 1cm cl tear to top of sp) £4.


 Joyce Stranger - The Curse of Seal Valley.  1979 Dent 1st ed.  Glazed bds.  Ex-lib, sl rubbed ow G++ £8.


Joyce Stranger - Shadows in the Dark.  1984 Kaye & Ward 1st ed.  Ex-lib, ffep missing ow G++/VG (sl bumped) £15.


Joyce Stranger - Khazon - The horse that came out of the sea.  1977 Collins & Harvill 1st ed.  Ex-lib G++/G++ (Sp faded, sl creased) £4.


Joyce Stranger - The Guardians of Staghill.  1997 Souvenir Press 1st ed.  Ex-lib, pg edges v sl grubby ow VG/M £7.


Joyce Stranger - The Fox at Drummers’ Darkness.  Illus William Geldart. 1996 Dent 1st ed.  Ex-lib, scribble on title pg & reps ow  VG+/VG+ (small amount of pen mark on r flap where not protected) £5.


Joyce Stranger - Zara.  1970 Harvill 1st ed.  Ex lib,  lib bound, foxed, sl grubby, bumped ow G+ £3.

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Geoffrey Trease - The Grey Adventurer.  Illus Beatrice Goldsmith.  1942 Blackwell 1st ed.  Sp & bds faded, bds foxed, bumped ow G+ £10.


Geoffrey Trease - Under Black Banner.  Illus Richard Kennedy.  1965 Heinemann rpt.  Ex-lib, lib bound, grubby ow G+ £25.


Geoffrey Trease - The Barons’ Hostage.  A Story of Simon DeMontfort.  Illus Alan Jessett.  1956 Phoenix ed.  Ex-school lib, sellotape marks on bds & eps where dw previously stuck down ow G+/G++ (browning, v sl chipped) £18.


Henry Treece - Hounds of the King.  Illus Christine Price.  1959 Bodley Head 2nd imp.  Sl fading to bds, fr bd stained at base ow G+/G+ (7 cl tears, chipped, stained to rear) £8.


Henry Treece - Swords From the North.  1967 Faber 1st ed.  Ex-lib, bumped, ffep missing, grubby ow G+/G++ (chipped) £8.


Robert Westall - Urn Burial.  1987 Viking Kestrel 1st ed.  Ex lib, pen on ffep ow VG/VG+ £4.


Robert Westall - The Wheatstone Pond.  1993 Viking 1st ed.  Bumped, stamped ‘Damaged’ on base of pg edges ow VG/VG £6.

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